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Catering Menu


Catering style appetizers! At least (1) catering tray must be ordered to have catering prices for appetizers.


$8.00Egg Roll (6-piece)

$8.00Vegetable Spring Roll (6-piece)

$12.00Crab Wonton (12-piece)

Signature Dishes

Served with Chicken Fried Rice/Steamed Rice and 6 pieces of Egg Rolls per tray.
Don't see your Favorite Dish? Just Ask!!

$52.00Salt and Pepper Shrimp


$46.00Black Pepper Steak

$46.00Mongolian Beef

$48.00Triple Delight


$46.00Beef With Broccoli

$42.00Veggie Delight

$46.00Orange Chicken


$44.00Lemon Chicken

$46.00Sesame Chicken


Specialty Stir Fry

with Chicken $42
with Beef $44
with Shrimp or Combination $48
with Vegetables $40
Your choice of white wine, garlic, or house specialty spicy sauce

Soup and Salads

$1.50Egg Drop Soup (cup)

$1.50Hot and Sour Soup (cup)


$1.50Wonton Soup (cup)

$20.00Asian Salad

with Chicken $28
with Shrimp $32

Lo-Mein Noodles

$42.00With Pork, Chicken, or Vegetable

$46.00With Beef

$52.00with Shrimp or Combination

Fried Rice

Fried Rice

with Chicken, Beef, Pork or Vegetable $34
with Shrimp or Combination $38


$1.00Bottled Water

$1.25Canned Soda

$12.00Gallon of Iced Tea (served with ice, cups & sweetener)

Sweetened or Unsweetened